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Meatpie | Pie Dilemmas
The great restaurant pielemma.
A Pie Eater in despair
"Oh my gosh - a salad!"
We at understand just how difficult it can be to deal with some pie related dilemmas. We have created this handy guide to dealing with the most difficult of situations...
"Some Pielemmas that can be encountered in every day life "
The 'whose eaten my pie' nightmare.
There can be nothing worse than waking in the night and worrying "whose eaten my pie?"

We recommend swapping the bedside table for a small fridge with a glass door. Wake up in the night in that familiar cold sweat and take one glance at the fridge. Calm is restored.
Why not keep a beer or two in there as well and install a microwave in the wardrobe? Great for preparing a handy midnight snack?
We'd recommend smuggling in a pack of quality pork and pickle snack pies. Distract your partner by pointing to the window and saying "Goodness me". Quickly scatter some loosely under the leaves and say "oh my gosh - a pie!" and "ooh look - there's another - yummy!".
"Pie...the instant quality snack... and only a touch of indigestion"
You are at a restaurant and have been obliged by a well- meaning partner to order a salad. Green stuff is ok but we all know it can never be a substitute for a good pie. But no one likes to be thought of as a salad dodger, so how do you deal with such a situation?