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Meatpie | Pie Dilemmas
"Possibly not so nutritious but definitely damn delicious. "
Campaign for Real All- crust Pies
Oh my gosh - a pub pie!
Here at we really appreciate real pies - none of that pub rubbish. A casserole with a ludicrous puff pastry top - c'mon! Oy! Pubs! Don't be so bloomin' lazy! Respect your customer and make some proper pies.
Pub pies are just rubbish!

Send them back and say "excuse me - I didn't order a stew. And someone seems to have dropped their flat cap on it on the way to the table!"

A pie should always come up to your expectations. A good crusty top and bottom and a juicy filling - great!
Let's have no more of this 'stew with a hat on' nonsense.
"Where can a man get a decent pie around these parts?"
Pies have been a favourite food since someone invented the oven. You'd think that pubs would have got the hang of cooking proper ones by now. It's time to start a campaign against the abomination that has become known as the 'pub pie'.

The Campaign for Real All- crust Pies is beginning... But we need a decent acronym first.
A disappointed Pie Eater strip protesting outside his local pub.
"I haven't eaten pie for days" he commented.
A fine example of a disgrace to the name 'pie', marvellously illustrated on
"Pie...the instant quality snack... and easily bought in shops"